What is the Music Pack and Music Kit?

In my today’s article, I would like to explain to the site visitors and customers why we need the Music Packs and Music Kits categories. Music tracks from these categories are located on the appropriate pages in the Music section.

Music Pack

Music Pack is a few tracks (at least three) united by a common theme, such as jazz. Suppose you want to use several Christmas tracks in your Christmas video and found one of them on our website. By clicking on the “Details” button you will be redirected to the track page with detailed information about it.

Pay attention to the short description of the track. If it contains the text “This track is a part of xxxxx Pack” I advise you to follow the link to this Package. It is possible that in this package you will find the rest of the tracks that are suitable for your project. Another way – just go to the Music Package page, select the genre of interest and listen to the available Packages.

Why do you need it? It’s very simple – buying a music package will cost you less than if you bought the included tracks separately. For example, the price of the “Christmas Tunes Pack” at the time of this writing is $ 37. This package includes three tracks:

  1. Christmas Mood ($ 16)
  2. Hopeful Christmas ($ 14)
  3. Merry Christmas ($ 16)

As you can see, buying these tracks separately you would spend $ 46. So why pay more?

Music Kit

This is another great section. The music presented in it is perfect for those cases when you need a background music track of a strictly defined length. The fact is that each track presented on this page is divided into several parts (usually about 10). You can combine these parts in your video editor at your discretion and thus achieve the desired length of the final track.

For example, Uplifting Acoustic Folk Kit includes 12 parts of different lengths:

  1. PartA_8Bars           – 00:16
  2. PartB_8Bars           – 00:16
  3. PartC_8Bars           – 00:16
  4. PartD_6Bars           – 00:12
  5. PartE1_4Bars         – 00:08
  6. PartE2_4Bars         – 00:08
  7. RiffA_2Bars            – 00:04
  8. RiffB_2Bars            – 00:04
  9. FillA_2Bars             – 00:04
  10. FillB_2Bars             – 00:04
  11. Outro_3Bars           – 00:09
  12. Outro_1Bars           – 00:05

You can listen to a demos that is a combination of these parts. They are also included in the archive you receive upon purchase. But of course the options for such combinations can be much more. To get detailed information about the Music Set you are interested in, click on the “Details” button.

This video explains how to combine parts of a track.

I hope this article was helpful to you, please feel free to comment or ask questions.

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