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Hello. Welcome to – the site of high quality background royalty free music! We are very pleased that the search brought you to this site and hope that you will find here what you are looking for.

Purpose of the site

This site was created by the composer known on a number of audiostocks under the nickname sixthtulip and here you can see his portfolio.

The main task of this site is to help everyone who is in search of royalty free music for their projects, to find a suitable, high-quality audio track at an affordable price, which meets your requirements and creative intent. Also we are open for cooperation with other authors and if you are one of them – we can post here your stock audio preview (for more details, see one of our next articles).

Applications of this music

Application areas of royalty free music are very diverse. It can be:

  • music for online video projects (blogs, You Tube channels) and animation
  • advertising music and music for the design of radio and TV broadcasting
  • music for trailers, entertainment and documentaries
  • background music for computer games
  • music for various corporate events, presentations, slideshows, etc.

Site pages

We draw to your attention music of various genres, such as: Acoustic, Children’s, Festive, Ethno, Cinematic, Motivational, and many others. For a full list of available genres, go to the Music – Single Tracks page. Note that some of the music tracks have several versions of different lengths, for example: Full version, Short version, Logo version. The longest version is only presented in the audio preview of the track. Clicking on the Details button will open the track page with more detailed information about it, where you can listen to all versions of the track (if any) and complete the track purchase.

Another section of this site is the Music Paсk page. It also presents background music sorted by music genres, but combined into Packs (usually 3 tracks) similar in sound and mood tracks. The purchase of such a set will cost you much cheaper than buying the same tracks separately. Thus, you can save about 50% of your money.

And, finally, in the Music Kits section you will find audio previews created from the musical parts included in this Kit. The musical part is a small audio fragment, which is used as a brick to form a track of the length you need. Usually these parts can be placed in the most diverse order giving you the maximum opportunity for creativity. Later, in one of the articles we will talk about the Music Kits in more detail.

Also, detailed reviews devoted to a separate track (or a group of tracks) will be published on the main page. In search of the survey you are interested in, use the widgets Search,  Posts Categories and Tags in the Sidebar.

Some of our advantages

We carry out an individual approach to each client – quickly and with pleasure we will answer any of your questions about the audio presented here. We are also ready for long-term cooperation and providing services to create a unique, original track that fully meets your wishes.

And finally, as an example, we offer you a promotional video of our You Tube channel using background music presented on this site. The track is called “Promotional Intro”, you can find it on the Motivational & Corporate Tracks page.

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