Celtic traditional music: Celtic Heart

Today Celtic music has achieved quite a lot of popularity. Few traditional music culture can compare with it in this. But to be frank, what we call Celtic music is not really what it is. From the Celts, there were no notes left (or music transmitted in other ways of recording). There are no musical instruments and mentions of their music.

The term “Celtic music” refers for the most part to the totality of the traditional music of peoples inhabiting the territories where the Celts once lived. This is primarily Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is characterized by the use of folk instruments – bagpipes, harp, tin-whistle, fiddle, etc. Synthesis of Celtic traditional music with genres of popular music has spawned a whole direction – Celtic-fusion.

Before you is a musical track being the stylization of the Celtic music. It will help you create a fantasy atmosphere of Celtic legends or medieval Europe. It’s perfect as background music for stories about elves, wizards, knights, kings and their kingdoms. Use this music in a documentary-historical video, movies or video games.

This track is a part of  Celtic Landscapes Pack.

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