Retro music: Walking Broadway

Broadway is probably the most famous street in New York and all of the United States. Originally it was a path that twisted among the swamps and rocks of Manhattan Island. Upon the arrival of the Dutch settlers, it turned into the main road of the island from New Amsterdam to the southern shore. It is not only the oldest street in New York, but the longest one. Its length is more than 50 km.

But first of all Broadway is famous for its theater quarter. Moreover, this word to some extent became synonymous with the American theater. There are more than 40 theaters. A visit to the Broadway musical is one of the main points of the tourist program. The heyday of Broadway became the 1950s, at which time it reached a peak of popularity. A small decline was observed in the 1960s and 1970s, after which the attendance began to grow again.

To your attention, I propose a track created in the style of the Golden Era of Broadway. This retro music will immediately create a listener’s association with the American classical musical. Therefore, the use of this track will be very useful in projects related to the American theater and New York in general. It is perfect for advertising on TV or radio, presentations, YouTube videos.

This track is a part of All That Jazz Pack. 

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