Jazz & Swing music: All That Jazz Pack

In this article we bring to your attention a small selection of background music in the style of jazz and swing. This collection of easy, carefree and cheerful  royalty free music will surely lift your mood.

#1 Walking Broadway

Walking Broadway can not be avoided at least one of his famous musicals.
This track will remind you of them.

#2 Jazzy Taste

Experience the lightness and upbeat feeling Jazzy Taste.
This track is able to create a good mood anywhere from the first notes!

#3 Jazzman

Easy and memorable jazz track. Combines the rhythms of swing and boogie-woogie, clarinet and sax as solo instruments. You surely fall in love with this melody.

Includes 2 versions:

  • Jazzman – 1:37
  • Jazzman (loop) – 0:32

You can also save money and buy all these tracks in one Music Pack.

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