Ethnic music: Japanese Tradition

Mysterious and unpredictable Japan – one of the most unusual places in the world for Europeans. It is the birthplace of the samurai, anime and spectacular martial arts every year is one of the most popular tourism countries. What is the reason for this interest? Someone “Land of the Rising Sun” is attracted by its advanced technologies, and someone – the unique and authentic culture that has taken shape over thousands of years.

A special place in Japanese culture takes traditional music. Its difference is that it is based on intervals of human breathing, and not on a mathematical reference (as European classical music). In addition, Japanese music is known for its unusual instruments, such as koto, shamisen, shakuhachi, taiko drums.

I bring to your attention a music track, designed to create in your project an atmosphere of traditional Japan. It is perfect for advertising, documentary videos, presentations, and any projects that need ethnic Japanese background music. This track is very popular and is the leader of my sales.

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