Epic music: The Heroes Pack

In front of you is the Music Pack of pompous, triumphant background music. Music tracks constituting this collection combine heroic motives, solemnity and symphonic sound. They are designed to inspire you to victories and achievement. Well suited for scoring award ceremonies, celebrations, openings, trailers, etc.

#1 Heroic Triumph

Epic mood of this track which created a symphony orchestra, inspired by the exploits and victories. Perfect for solemn processions and award ceremonies.

#2 Heroic Trailer

The powerful epic sound of this track creates an inspired mood and images of heroic achievements and victories.

#3 Remember the Heroes

The epic symphonic sound of this track is perfect for heroic scenes about the heroes of the war. Suitable for use in documentary videos, cinematic trailers or memorial ceremonies.

You can also save money and buy all these tracks in one Music Pack.

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