Halloween music: Our Top 10 (part 2)

Let’s continue our Top 10 Halloween background royalty free tracks, started last week.

# 5. Halloween Night

In this music, I combined symphonic sound with electronic rhythms. It’s possible to obtain a non traditional track for Halloween, evaluate to you…

# 4. Halloween Is Inevitable

Halloween is really coming! On the eve of All Saints’ Day, when darkness of the night envelops the land, the witches appear in the sky and ghouls will rise from the grave it’s time to ask: “Trick or treat?” Halloween is Inevitable…

This track is a part of Celebrate Halloween Pack.

# 3. Halloween Loop

Use this track in your Halloween projects to create a slightly eerie and gloomy atmosphere.

This track is a part of Halloween Pack.

# 2. Halloween Lullaby

This music creates an alarming and creepy atmosphere and will perfectly complement your collection of tracks for Halloween.

Includes 2 versions:

  • Halloween Lullaby (full) – 1:24
  • Halloween Lullaby (short) – 0:54

This track is a part of Halloween Pack.

# 1. Hello Halloween!

This track will help you celebrate the Halloween fun. Marching rhythm, pizzicato and organ will create the atmosphere, traditional for this holiday – a little bit creepy but funny. Perfect for any Halloween project.

Includes 2 versions:

  • Hello Halloween! – 0:54
  • Hello Halloween! (loop) – 0:32

This track is a part of Halloween Pack.

And in what order would you arrange these tracks? Leave your comment and get a gift from us for Halloween!

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