Western music: Cowboy Whiskey Bar

Western is the whole direction in art. It includes painting, music, literature, cinema and even the form of equestrian sport. The greatest flourishing of the Western occurred in the middle of XX century. The popularity of the western went far beyond his homeland (the United States). Spaghetti western (Italian western), kimchi western (Korean western), eastern (films released in the USSR and the GDR) became a kind of westerns.

Cowboy Whiskey Bar – just what you need to create a sense of the Wild West. Traditional blues riffs and powerful, energetic sound of rock guitar create a truly cowboy mood. This music is perfect for advertising motorcycles, men’s accessories, travel, alcohol parties, etc. Can be used as a background for YouTube videos, documentaries or titles in the TV series.

Includes 2 versions:

  • Cowboy Whiskey Bar (full) – 1:01
  • Cowboy Whiskey Bar (short) – 0:30

This track is a part of American West Pack.

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