Amazing show in the Circus Tent

As a place of entertainment the circus existed even in Ancient Rome. True, it had little in common with the modern circus, but was more like a racetrack. The circus of the modern type appeared for the first time only at the end of the 18th century in France. By the end of the 19th century, permanent circuses existed in almost all capitals and major cities of Europe. Along with stationary circuses, the mobile circus tent also did not lose its importance. It is one of the attributes of city fairs and remains a favorite place of entertainment for both children and adults.

This track will at once cause an image of circus show in the listener. It has a traditional sound for circus music and is perfect for everything connected with circus. You can use it in amusement parks, to open circus performances and festivals, at city fairs, in Youtube video and advertising on the theme of the circus, and wherever you want to create a cheerful, funny atmosphere of the holiday.

Includes 3 versions:

  • Circus Tent (full) – 1:23
  • Circus Tent (short) – 0:40
  • Circus Tent (loop) – 0:38

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