Children’s music: Carefree Children’s Pack

In this article we want to present to your attention a selection of three children’s tracks. This fun and optimistic background music will help you create a playful and happy atmosphere in your children’s project.

#1 Cheerful Walk

It’s a fun and careless track with “step” rhythm. It can be used in video games, commercials, or at children’s parties.

#2 Counting Rhyme

This simple and cheerful tune perfect for use in children’s video games or developing TV programs and cartoons.

#3 Carefree Time

This carefree and catchy tune with a swing rhythm. It reminds me easy atmosphere of French films 70s. I think this track is perfect for children’s video games, performance at a children’s party or as a soundtrack for the film or cartoon.

You can also save money and buy all these tracks in one Music Pack.

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